E-commerce Consulting Services

Welcome to Advantage Ecommerce Solutions, where creating cost-effective strategic solutions to expand your market and potential is the measurement of our success. AES provides E-commerce Consulting, search engine optimization, Internet marketing services, website design, multi-channel e-Commerce expansion, email marketing and a host of other services.

Advantages Of E-Commerce

95% of WWW users begin their research on a search engine

With over 1 billion users, the internet is growing at an annualized rate of over 20%. Two billion users will be online in less than 10 years. Shoppers and Business professionals worldwide indicate they visit a company's website as the first step in purchasing or creating new business relationships. When was the last time you picked up a telephone book instead of going to a favorite search engine?

E-commerce sales are expected to double within 7 years.

All products and services should be diversely marketed establishing Brand Recognition and flexible enough to produce multiple income streams from various channels. Is your business in a position to explore and capitalize on this untamed frontier?

Our business philosophy is simple:

  • Every website should have a purpose and guide users to tangible goals.
  • These goals should be based on clearly defined business objectives.
  • Organizations should control their own content and online store.
  • Know your competition as well as you know yourself.
  • Messaging should be clear, concise and beautifully executed.
  • Customers should experience your marketing and be ale to interact with your site.
  • Search Engine Marketing is vital to a successful website.
  • The purchase process should be easy.
  • Conversion is not an accident.

Our Process

E-commerce Consulting

Evaluate: Analyze the current site and competition using web analytics, qualitative and quantitative data along with expert e-business guidance and understanding to develop goals that are aligned with your business mission and vision.

Optimize: Based upon the set expectations we may need to optimize site content, search engine optimization, site design and layout optimization, marketing and PPC optimization, brand awareness and recognition or all of the above.

Exploit Opportunities: We will identify ways that your homepage, shopping process and checkout process can be tweaked to significantly improve sales and/or lead conversions. We will also provide guidance on how to grow your brands web (reach) through interactive marketing across new areas of the Internet tapping into new markets.

Measure Results, Fine Tune Systems: You will have easy access to regular reports and benchmark guidelines. We are obsessed with measurable results as they are the crystal ball that reveals what comes next. We encourage feedback and expect your input to ensure expectations are fully met.

Why Choose Advantage Ecommerce Solutions?

At Advantage Ecommerce, we have built up an intuitive sense of how website's work and how to utilize the power of E-commerce to build your Brand, drive your Sales and dominate your Market. We balance tempered experience with cutting edge technology at all levels to produce results and achieve your goals.

At Advantage Ecommerce, we maintain transparent pricing with no hidden extras, working closely in accordance with best practices. Our priority is to pay attention to every minute detail so you can focus on running your business. Whether you are just establishing a visible presence online, building your first website or updating an existing one, Advantage Ecommerce Solutions can help you create an effective web presence.

We are confident that you will be happy with our services. Read what clients say about AES and check out the latest designs in our portfolio >